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The cool-spot sense has accurate and stable temperature, functions are easily operated, temperature has wide span and convenient to adjust.
The device is equipped with an individual intelligent interior timer system to automatically switch the output in order to protect users from low-temperature frostbite.The device based on physical cooling concept to interdict pain nerve conduction.Solve the inevitable pain problem for users and inaugurate physical pain relief in the beauty market

Advantages of Cool-Spot Sense:
1, Stanch and Relieve Pain. Simple operation.
2, Easy for colouring. No pain and swelling.
3, Restore the original color of pigment.
4, Obvious effects of detumescence and anti-inflammation.
5, Legal for beauty studios.
6, Cost-effective for One-time purchase.
7, Risk-free for anesthetic allergies.
8, Multi-functional use, such as facial skin-care.
9, Long-time warranty after purchase.
10, Applicable to all people.


Features of manufacture:

1, pure aluminum hand-made shell, rare craft from China, exquisite space sliver polish.
2, global patented technology, -5
ceramic refrigerating chip.
3, intelligent temperature control.
4, high-speed cycle cooling time.
5, based on ergonomic design concept.
6, the power adapter technology is suitable for 100-240 volts worldwide, 12-watt output, safe and reliable.



1. Decrease misoperation during PMU procedures

During PMU procedures, the device could reduce clients pain,increase chances for colour retention to achieve perfection.

2. Risk-free numbing

Utilize physical cooling to interdict pain nerve conduction, say goodbye to the accidents and harm that anesthetic do to human bodies.

3. Partial pain-relief

Drop the temperature till -4 within 30 seconds for operation. Numbing effect lasts for 5-10 minutes.

4. Detumescence

Place on the needed body part and activate the functions of massage/ anti-inflammation/ pain-relief; effectively speed up clearing congestion to heal the wound.

5. Skin care

Switch the temperature to 0~6 and place on skin for massages. Effectively intensify collagen fiber and make skin healthy and elastic.Reduce wrinkles and freckles.

6. Micro-needling beauty treatment

Cool-Spot Sense reduces redness,swelling and sting of skin.

7. Vibration massage

Combining Chinese acupressure with vibration massage function can achieve the effect of blood circulation and it is good for health.


When the PAIN-RELIEF function is in use, the temperature must be adjusted to -3/-4. Place on the needed body part for 40 seconds at least to achieve numbing effect. Please note: Other temperature cannot achieve the same effect.


During the use of the Cool-Spot Sense, there is no need to turn off the device.Please do not place it flat or on the beauty bed.


Just simply place it sidelong. Dissipation of heat is crucial. If the backside of the device is blocked for dissipation, or the user forget to dissipate the device, that will affect the device performance by not dropping to the right temperature instantly.


The effect of pain-relief usually lasts for 4-8 minutes. For better numbing effect, cooling time of 50 seconds is recommended. Please prepare well before use.

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